Vikki’s Promise of Performance

Promise of Performance
I promise to my clients:
1. I will be 100% LOYAL to YOU 100% of the time.
2. I will NEVER switch agency relationships with you.
4. I will be ON YOUR SIDE and negotiate the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE and TERMS I can for you.
5. I will OBEY your lawful instructions.
6. I will keep CONFIDENTIAL any personal or financial information which could adversely affect your bargaining position.
7. I will provide you with the BEST ADVICE so that YOU can make INFORMED CHOICES and sound decisions.
8. I will ASSIST YOU  through the entire transaction, representing YOUR BEST INTEREST when shopping for the right mortgage loan, insurance policy, and any other ancillary service you may require.
9. I will always be YOUR ADVOCATE.
As your real estate agent, I guarantee I will: 
1. NEVER represent the Seller.
2. NEVER accept any type of kickback, fee, or gift and NEVER profit individually, or as a firm, from any mortgage provider, title insurance company, attorney, inspector, or other real estate related service provider that is involved in your transaction.
3. NEVER ask you to release me from these important promises.
I look forward to working with you and assisting you through the home buying process.