Why A Buyer’s Agent?

Exclusive Buyer’s Agency was the best kept secret in the world of real estate, but the word is now out about the best agents who are dedicated to serving only you, the home buyer!

Even with today’s advanced technology and the internet, the majority of home buyer’s rely on a realtor in order to gain access to the maximum number of homes listed in the Multple Listing Service (MLS). Agents guide you through the home buying process, but in essence, not all are created equal in value to you–it truly depends on which side of the transaction you are on. The decision on the type of agent you choose can make a vast difference as to whether your real estate transaction will be a success. Traditionally, real estate transactions were in favor of the Seller, but the tide began to turn in the mid-1990’s. Savvy consumers were looking for the benefits of real estate agents to work for their interests exclusively. They turned to Exclusive Buyer’s Agents (EBA’s) to get the job done!

As an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, I do not sell real estate, and unlike other agents working for a company  with in-house or company listings, I do not promote the sale of property.

My guarantee is to represent you 100% from the onset of the purchase process, by providing you with complete and unbiased facts about the property value, current market conditions, assisting with the home inspection, and attending the closing.

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If you are in the market to purchase, doesn’t it make sense to contact a real estate professional that will represent you exclusively throughout the entire home buying process? You are the buyer; the choice is yours. Contact Vikki

Additional information and resources may be found on The Real Buyer’s Agent website.

David Kent

Vikki With David Kent

“There are a lot of things to worry about when buying a home. Whether your agent represents you, shouldn’t be one of them,” says my broker, David Kent.

The Buying Process

Additional information and resources may be found on The Real Buyer’s Agent website.